Acupuncture at Namaste Spa

Did you know we offer Acupuncture services at Namaste Spa? During season Peter Dracher, a practitioner of Chinese medicine is in residence at Namaste Spa providing a variety of acupuncture treatments, including a wonderful treatment that is a combination of acupuncture and massage. Wonderful for treatment of various health issue and for relaxation as well, acupuncture is a great addition to your self care regimen and one of our most popular treatment options at Namaste Spa, Provincetown’s Best Rated Spa.

Come and join us before Peter finishes his season with us and give yourself the care you deserve. Reservations can be made by calling us at 508-487-4242, and we will be happy to set you up with an appointment that will improve your health, both physical and mental.

Namaste Spa, consistently rated the best spa on the Outer Cape, looks forward to seeing you.